Where to have my R4 serviced???
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    Where to have my R4 serviced???

    Hi everyone!

    Next month I'm leaving from Finland to Greece in my Renault 4 GTL 1990. It needs some repairs (I don't know anything about cars). Where should I do that? Slovenia, Serbia or where? At least in Serbia these cars can still be seen on roads so spare parts could be found easier. And I assume it would be cheaper? Any suggestions, I need help!

    You can contact me personally ville_saari@yahoo.com


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    Re: Where to have my R4 serviced???

    We will help you. We can find all parts for your car. Little service you can do at my garage. Also I know few sevices in Novi Sad.

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    Re: Where to have my R4 serviced???

    Hi Villesaari,
    Could you please better explain "need some parts". Did your car properly maintaned/serviced ? Or you would like to chenge some chasis parts ?
    You have right, in serbia you can find many parts, and the service hour rates are not to high.
    In ex-YU has been produced these magnificent cars , but only till 1992, maybe some parts will be available only as "used parts", but many of the new parts is accessible.
    I'm from Hungary - here is not so common car the R4, but I have supplied myself (and my R4) mostly from serbia.
    These guys from forum will help you - as I'm know them, but it will be very helpful if you will a little more explain what do you like to repair (engine, chasis, etc.), and they can in this case to advise workshop and approx.price/costs.
    So.....we are waiting for your reply.

    Best regs,

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