brakes problem...
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    brakes problem...

    maybe You will know what to Renault Club Poland, Retro-Renault Club Poland, Gregor (from Castles in Slovakia), my father...nobody can't help me...

    I have very dofficutl problem with brakes...there isn't air in istalation, I've new brake cables, rear brake jaws, front brake blocks and when I put down the brake pedal:
    - sometimes brakes work but after some time - with delay (put down the pedal, wait 1-2 seconds and then R4 starts braking)
    - sometimes brake pedal gets down with no resist, sometimes it's work good
    - sometimes braking is "strong and quickly", sometimes it's very weak (just like release brake)

    I have no ideas how to make it good ...I've 1 month work with brakes and I'm sick of brakes

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    Re: brakes problem...

    Did you change main brake cilinder
    ......we are the first to program your future......

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    Re: brakes problem...

    yes...also the rubbers in braking pomp are new

    I don't know why, but the brakes now are working I've only change back of brake drum (part witch keeps the brake jaws)

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    Re: brakes problem...

    now I have the same problem just like I wrote in first post :(


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    Re: brakes problem...

    Very strange ???
    Did you bleed the brakes correctly? This means all four wheels and then the bleed valve on the master cylinder (you can remove a rubber plug from the inner wing to access it easier).
    Check also that the brake pedal pushrod does not contact the piston with the pedal released (it should have a little free play.
    Are you sure that you assembled the master cylinder correctly?

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    Re: brakes problem...

    Year of manufacture...? Model?

    On Firt generation of R4 GTL (1982-1984) on frot wheels is drum breaks, and it is very hard to make breaks to work properly....

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