Engine from GTL (1108cc)
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    Engine from GTL (1108cc)


    I'm planning a change of my 850cc TL version engine, and replace it by 1108cc from R4 GTL.
    Problem is that I haven't got a gearbox from GTL.
    Will GTL engine pass into a gearbox from TL - 850cc?

    What are the drifferences between construction of engine and other stuff (maybe radiator is placed in other place or anything else..)?
    If there are differences, what modifications will be neccesary?

    I'm just thinking of the replace, and if it will need to much modifications to do, I will have to give up this plan.

    Best regards,
    Gregory Mazur

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    Re: Engine from GTL (1108cc)

    Will GTL engine pass into a gearbox from TL - 850cc?
    Yes it will but you will have 4 gears in reverse and 1 in forward. TL and GTL have different spinning directions

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    Re: Engine from GTL (1108cc)

    oph... so I give up

    Thanks Kole!


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    Re: Engine from GTL (1108cc)

    You are welcome . Just ask, and we will try to help.

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