5th gear gearbox in R4 ???
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    5th gear gearbox in R4 ???

    Hi...someone know witch gearbox (symbols, from witch Renault) with 5 gears can work with C1E engine in the best car in whole world - R4 :)

    Greetings form PL

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    Re: 5th gear gearbox in R4 ???

    You need gearbox from the renault 5 TS, gearbox number is HA1.
    HA0 is the 4 speed gearbox used in renault 4.

    On this link click HERE, you can find a how to in gaerbox swap
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    Re: 5th gear gearbox in R4 ???

    Thank You vm

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  1. Renault r5 (mk1) 5-speed gearbox (pozeljno ha1)
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