The first logo of the manufacturer presents in a medallion, the initial ones engraved of the three Renault brothers: Louis, Fernand and Marcel.

The front face of a car inside gears.

Because of the war and strong of this warlike popularity, Louis Renault changes the car of his logo for a tank.

On the new logo, the name of the mark appears in the center of a round in the automobile shape of grill.

The rhombus is preferred with the standard round of Renault. This new logo adapts better to the lines of the caps of the cars of the time.

Renault becomes the National Control of the Renault Factories.

The National Control of the Renault Factories becomes Renault

A sober rhombus and more dynamics are selected for the new logo of the mark.

Renault preserves the rhombus and an effect 3D and in relief gives him.